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Protecting Individual Privacy: The Integrated Rural Society (IRS) NGO Privacy Policy


 Integrated Rural Society (IRS) NGO is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of its donors, members, volunteers, and beneficiaries. This article outlines the IRS NGO Privacy Policy, which explains how we collect, use, and protect the personal information of those who engage with us.

 1. Personal Information Collection

 IRS NGO collects personal information through various channels, including but not limited to:

 * Donation forms (online, offline, and mobile)

* Membership applications and renewals

* Volunteer applications

* Beneficiary registration and follow-up forms

* Email and written correspondence

* Surveys and feedback forms

* Social media platforms

 The types of personal information collected may include:

 * Contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses)

* Demographic information (dates of birth, age, gender, occupation)

* Financial information (bank account numbers, credit card details, donation history)

* Health information (where relevant to our programs)

* Any other information necessary for our programs and services

 2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection

 IRS NGO collects and uses personal information for the following purposes:

* To process and acknowledge donations

* To issue tax receipts

* To conduct member and donor engagement and relationship management

* To provide updates, newsletters, and educational resources

* To organize events and volunteer opportunities

* To assess and improve our programs and services

* To comply with legal and regulatory requirements

3. Consent and Choice

IRS NGO respects the privacy rights of individuals and strives to obtain explicit consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. Individuals may choose to limit or withdraw their consent at any time by contacting us.

4. Personal Information Disclosure

IRS NGO does not disclose any personal information to third parties without the individual's consent, except in the following circumstances:

* To process and acknowledge donations, we may share personal information with financial institutions, payment processors, or third-party service providers

* When required by law or regulatory authorities, such as for audit or legal purposes

5. Personal Information Security

IRS NGO implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information and prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction. These measures include:

* Secure servers and encrypted data transmission

* Limited access to personal information based on the principle of least privilege

* Regular staff training and awareness programs on data protection and privacy best practices

* Periodic updates and reviews of our security and data protection policies

6. Individual Rights

IRS NGO recognizes and respects the individual rights of those whose personal information we collect:

* The right to access their personal information

* The right to request corrections or updates to their personal information

* The right to withdraw their consent or request erasure of their personal information, subject to legal and regulatory requirements

Individuals may exercise their rights by contacting IRS NGO's Privacy Officer in writing.

7. Contact Information

For inquiries, requests, or concerns regarding IRS NGO's Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer:

Mr Priya Kumar Deuri, President, IRS

Redg. Office : SHG Hut, Public Bus Stand, Gohpur -784168, Assam, India


IRS NGO is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its donors, members, volunteers, and beneficiaries. By outlining our Privacy Policy, we aim to provide transparency, accountability, and trust in our handling of personal information. Your support and engagement are crucial to our mission, and we value your privacy and security.

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Disclaimer: This Privacy Policy article serves as a guide and electronic representation of IRS NGO's commitment to privacy and information security. It is not intended as a legally binding agreement nor a replacement for professional legal advice. For full details and conditions, please refer to the organization's official Privacy Policy document.